On behalf of Mrs. Gallerani and Mrs. Gianni I want to welcome you to the Read, Write and Learn Together wiki! My name is Mrs. Corrieri and I am the Instructional Technology Specialist from Ludlow and I will be helping support this project. This is a place where students from Longmeadow and Ludlow will come together on a journey to communicate about their learning. We will share thoughts and ideas as contributing authors to this wiki and develop personal learning connections with students from their classroom and classrooms from another community. As we work collaboratively to connect and communicate using curriculum focused activities, it is hoped that each student will be inspired to be active learners and to become better readers and writers.
Every two weeks an assignment will be posted on the Read, Write and Learn Together wiki and students will complete the assignment by following the directions, experiencing different educational tools, posting comments and learning along the way! Please remember that your teacher will be available to support and assist you on this journey.
Assignments will require that you post (write) a response to specific question(s) asked in the assignment. Please remember that others will be reading what you write so it is important that you use proper grammar and carefully proofread everything you write for accuracy before submitting your post. FYI- wikispaces does not have a spell check feature, but you will know when a word is misspelled because it will be underlined in red. Here is a link to Webster's Online Dictionary. Please take a minute to read the "About this wiki", "Safety & Rules" and the "How to Write Your Post" pages (found to the left). These pages will explain in more detail our expectations for each student and how you will post a comment when using this wiki.
Every two weeks an assignment will be posted on the "Wiki Assignment" page. To complete the assignment requirement you will click on the link for the assignment, navigate to your group page and post your response to the assignment. You are also encouraged to respond to information/responses that other students have posted.

Each month your teacher will assign a "class reporter" who will write a short essay about what your class did during the month. That information will be reported/written under the correct date on the pages labeled "Blueberry Hill News" and " Vets Park News". You will click on the "Edit this Page" button on the right top corner of the page, move your mouse cursor under the correct date and type your short essay to highlight events of the week and what you studied/learned. Make sure you sign your report by writing your first name ONLY at the end of the report.

This year we also added a Student Forum page where students can go to share ideas, make suggestions on how to make the wiki "better", etc. So please use this page to communicate about to discuss events and happenings in your schools.

The Ludlow Public School District is not responsible for any information that may be accessed once the user has left this wiki, including external web page content as well as material accessed via links from external web pages.