This page is a place for students to come and ask questions, share ideas,make suggestions on how to make the wiki "external image c.gifbetter", etc. This would also be a nice place to report student successes, school events, collaborate on projects, share ideas, etc. Just keep in mind that this page is still part of the class wiki so your teachers will be monitoring it and ALL of the wiki rules and guidelines still apply!
This is NOT a place to come and Instant Message, nor is it a Chat Room.

There are two ways you can use this page:

1. If you want to add an upcoming event to the page please use the Edit feature remembering to add your name, date and school so everyone knows who made the entry. Also please take care not to delete any other posts that appear on the page. If this accidentally occurs let Mrs. C. know and she can try to restore the page. Your posts should be added under the line.

2. If you want to ask a question or share an important event please use the Discussion feature so others can respond and comment on your post. Again this is NOT to be used as a chat room or simply to say hi.