look_pop_md_clr.gifAs we begin this journey it is very important that each of us follows specific rules and guidelines to insure the safety of everyone. The Internet can be a wonderful learning environment, but we need to take certain precautions to insure safety at all times.

Students using this wiki are expected to act safely by refraining from posting any personal information. No student may include any information or images on the site that could compromise the safety of himself/herself or other wiki members. This would include not posting your family name (last name), home and email address, password, phone/cell number, password and any other information that might help a person locate you or contact you in person. If someone asks you for personal information you immediately inform your teacher. No personal images will be posted without signed parent/legal guardian consent. No student is allowed to download pictures or upload videos that appear on this wiki. No student is to add a page to this wiki.

This wiki is considered an extension of your classroom so any speech that is inappropriate in school is also inappropriate to use on this wiki. This would include but not be limited to, swears, words that are hurtful or bully, racial or sexist comments, personal attacks, etc. The expectation is that you conduct yourself in a respectful manner. Remember, wikis are public so don't write anything that you would not want others to read.
It is important that your post reflects the assignment. The wiki should not be used to discuss personal information such as your plans for the weekend.

The teachers will make every reasonable effort to monitor conduct on this wiki in order to maintain a positive learning community. All students will respect the teacher's time and professionalism by supporting the same positive approach. To make sure that there are no infractions of the rules your teachers, and Mrs. Corrieri, will be reading your posts and reserve the right to delete any posts that they deem inappropriate.

All students must protect their log-in and password information, as well as class passwords (if any). If any students suspects that a password has been comprised, he/she must immediately notify their teacher.

No student is allowed to change either their user name or password on this wiki.
No student is allowed to add a page or reproduce or take any photos, avatars, clipart, etc. from this wiki for any reason.

Any students who are found not to be following the safety rules may lose their privilege of participating and being a member of this wiki.

References: Teachers First,, Introduction to Blogging, I Think...

As a review please read this list developed by students at the International School in Bangkok:

officer_muldoon_with_flashlight_md_wht.gif1. Only post things that you would want the members of the wiki to know.
Ask yourself:Is this something I want everyone to see?
2. Do not share personal information including phone/cell number, last name, address, etc.
Ask yourself:Could someone find me (in real life) based on this information?
3. Think before you post.
Ask yourself: What could be the consequences of this post?
4. Know who you’re communicating with.
Ask yourself: Who is going to look at this, and how are they going to interpret my words?
5. Consider your audience and that this is an extension of your classroom/school.
Ask yourself:Do I have a good reason/purpose to do this?
6. Know how to give constructive feedback.
Ask yourself:What will I cause by writing this post?
7. Treat other people the way you want to be treated.
Ask yourself:Would I want someone to say this to me?
8. Use appropriate language and proper grammar and spelling.
Ask yourself: Would I want this post to be graded for proper grammar and spelling?
9. Only post information that you can verify is true (no gossiping).
Ask yourself:Is this inappropriate, immature or bullying?
10. Anytime you use media from another source, be sure to properly cite the creator of the original work.
Ask yourself: Who is the original creator of this work?
11. Do not share your password with anyone.
Ask yourself: What could be the consequences of this action?

Commenting Guidelines
As a wiki member, you will be commenting on other people’s work regularly. Good comments:
  • are constructive, but not hurtful;
  • consider the author and the purpose of the post;
  • are always related to the content of the post;
  • include personal connections to what the author wrote;
  • answer a question, or add meaningful information to the content topic;
  • follow the writing process. Comments are a published piece of writing.

*Special thank you to Mrs. Cofino of the International School Bangkok for sharing this list.

Links to Internet Safety Games and Activities

Web Master Mind Safety Game-Answer the multiple choice questions to test your knowledge of internet safety.
Skill Buster Safety Game- This activity is in a game board format. Click on a letter to the left, answer the question and continue to try and make a path to the right. Answer a question incorrectly and you have to find another route.
Online Safety Page- this will bring you to the Baird Middle School page of online safety resources.
Get Your Web License- a fun PBS site where students answer questions reagrding internet safety to earn their web license!
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