When you are ready to write/respond to the assignment you will navigate to your group page and either use the Edit feature or click on the Discussion tab on the top of the page to post your assignment.
Below are the directions to follow for each of these choices.

Directions to Edit the page:
1.Click on the Edit tab at the top of the page.
2. A text tool bar will appear at the top of the page.
3.. Place your cursor (using your mouse) AFTER the last entry and click on the ENTER key (on your keyboard). This will move the cursor down the page so that you do not erase any work that has been previously posted.
4. Type in your entry.
5. When you are finished click on the save button on the text toolbar and your work will be entered on the page for others to view.

Directions to use the Discussion feature:
1. Click on the Discussion tab at the top of the page.
2. A "Post Message" screen will apppear. Click on the +New Post button.

3. A new screen will appear where you will fill in the subject box with the name of your assignment and type your assignment in the message area. Check for spelling, grammar and punctuation and when you are ready to post your answer/response click the Post button on the bottom left of the page

4.Each new post will appear as a "thread".
. Once a response is posted using the Discussion feature others will be able to read what was written by clicking on the Discussion button on the main page and then clicking on the a specific response under Subject.
6. After you have read the response you will be able to reply by completing the reply text box at the bottom of the page and clicking on the post button. The reply will be added to the initial thread.
Please remember to write your responses using complete sentences, punctuations and correct spelling. It is also important that you read and follow the directions for each assignment.

This link will bring you to the WikiSpaces "how to" video tour. If you need some extra help just skip on over there and watch the video! On the top of the page you can access a drop down menu from "Chose a Tour".