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fall.jpgYour next assignment will be to write a five senses poem about this wonderfully magic season of fall! When writing a five senses poem you need to remember the five key concepts when relating to your topic-- I see, I smell, I taste, I hear, I feel. So you need to think about the season of fall and how this season impacts your five senses and write a poem about it!
For example below is a five senses poem I wrote about the season of fall.

Fall is Fabulous!
by Mrs. Corrieri

The vibrant yellows and dark amber reds of leaves as they fall from the trees. The morning dew covers the glorious green grass on a cool fall morning, sparkling like a bright diamond in the sun. (I see)

The smell of cider donuts floating in the air at Randall's Farm in Ludlow. The wonderfully delicious smell of apples and cinnamon as my grandmother bakes an apple pie for dessert. (I smell)

How I love to eat the chocolate candy and sip the warm apple cider on Halloween night. (I taste)

The sound of leaves crunching loudly under my feet as I walk with my dogs through the woods behind my house. Listening to all of the giggling neighbor children say "Trick or Treat" as they approach our porch on Halloween night. (I hear)

The feel of the slimy and gooey insides of pumpkins as I carve them with my nephews. The feel of the rough hay as we stuff our scarecrows. (I feel)

So grab a piece of paper and a pencil and using your five senses as your template (I see, I smell, I taste, I hear, I feel) write your poem about fall. Although you should use the five senses template as your guide you do not need to include them in your sentences-- be creative and use adjectives! Using this template your poem will be at least five sentences long, with each sentence relating to one of your five senses. Think of things you do in the fall, places you go, how you feel in the fall, what changes in the fall, etc. When writing your poem remember to use adjectives to describe your senses and bring your poem "to life" for your readers. Please use the discussion feature on your group page to submit your fall poem. In the subject area please write "Fall Poem". Remember to give your poem a title and to comment on your partner's fall poem. Below are some fall pictures I found to inspire your writing! Have fun and I look forward to reading your wonderful five senses fall poems!

fall3.jpgfall2.jpgfall4.jpgfall5.jpgImages found on

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