5th Grade Memory Coins

Can you believe that in a few short weeks your elementary school experience will come to an end? Next year each of you will be attending 6th grade at your Middle School and because of the wonderful educational foundation you have built we have no doubt that each of you will continue to do extremely well. You all should be very proud of your accomplishments. Mrs. Gianni, Mrs. Gallerani and Mrs. Corrieri are confident that we will continue to hear amazing things about each of you!
Your final assignment will be to reflect on your what your school has meant to you and your accomplishments and highlights of 5th grade. This assignment has two parts so PLEASE read the directions carefully!

1. First you will design a coin (front and back) illustrating your school and the the important events that made your 5th grade experience memorable---projects, people, events, things, etc. Don’t forget all of the wonderful things you have learned during this past year about math, reading, writing, music, history, science, art, etc.
Your teacher will give you a template to use when designing your coin, but if you need another one simply click on the Coins2 link and print it. As with all coins you will add both words and illustrations to your design.
---The front of your coin MUST be designed to reflect information about your school
---The back of your coin MUST be designed to reflect your memories of 5th grade AND MUST have your name on it

PLEASE make sure that when designing your coin you use either a black marker or pen, along with crayons, etc. The illustrations and text need to be DARK in order for Mrs. C. to scan it!
Massachusetts.jpgOn the left you will see the Massachusetts Quarter (front and back) that was designed as part of the 50 State Quarters Program by the United States Mint. Notice the front of the coin references the United States (your school) and the back is specific to Massachusetts (your memories of 5th grade). When designing your coin please include dates, text, illustrations, etc. that relate to your school (front) and your 5th grade experience (back).

2. Once your coin is designed you will then write an essay explaining your coin—WHY you designed the coin the way you did. You will post this essay using the discussion feature in your group page. Mrs. C. will scan your coins and match them with your essay. You will be given back your coins so you can cut them out, glue them together (front and back) and keep as a memory of your life in 5th grade!

This way to 6th grade!! 6th_grdae.gif