Your first assignment will be to write an Acrostic Poem about yourself. An Acrostic Poem uses the letters in a topic word to begin each line. Each line in the poem should relate or describe the topic word. The acrostic poem is written vertically. Here are links to EnchantedLearning.com and GigglePoetry.com that explains and shows acrostic poems. Your topic word will be your name! So the letters of your acrostic poem will be each letter of your FIRST NAME and each word you select must describe something about you! Please capitalize the letters of your name and use complete sentences to explain why you chose that word to describe yourself. So for example if your name is Mary your acrostic poem may look something like this:
March is my birthday month.
Apple pie is my favorite dessert.
Roller blading is fun!
Yellow is my favorite color.

directions_md_clr.gifGrab a piece of paper and pencil and write a draft of your Acrostic Poem. Remember that your topic words need to begin with the first letters of your name and need to describe YOU! Read and reread your draft and make any changes or corrections that might be needed. Don't forget to use complete sentences, correct spelling and punctuation.
When your poem is completed and you are ready to submit it you will navigate to your Group page (do not respond on this page), use the discussion feature (click on the discussion tab at the top of the page) and add your poem. In the subject box write your first name (if you share a name with one of your classmates please include the first initial of your last name) and Acrostic Poem- so for example: Mary's Acrostic Poem. Then in the message area write your Acrostic Poem. You are encouraged to read your classmates poems and make comments. Have fun and good luck! This assignment's due date is Oct. 15th.