The Read, Write and Learn Together wiki is a place where students will come together on a journey to communicate about their learning. To share thoughts and ideas as contributing authors to this wiki and develop personal learning connections with students from their classroom and classrooms from another community. As we work collaboratively to connect and communicate using curriculum focused activities it is hoped that each student will be inspired to be active learners and to become better readers and writers.
Each week an assignment will be posted on the Read Together, Learn Together wiki and students will complete the assignment by following the directions, experiencing different educational tools, posting comments and learning along the way! Please remember that your teachers will be available to support and assist you on this journey.
The following are some suggestions to becoming an effective and successful writer when using this wiki.

  • This is a school related wiki so what you write should be well written, including not only good content, but also using correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. So just as you would proof read and rewrite an essay prior to turning it in to your teacher you should take the same steps before posting anything on the wiki.
  • Just as class participation is important for your teacher to know what you know, it is important that you participate frequently in this wiki, by sharing your thoughts and ideas through your own words. Using a wiki is like having a conversation with other people- some you will know and others you will not.
  • This wiki will encourage you to share your opinions and points of view, but it important that you are respectful of each other. It's ok to disagree, but it's not OK to be disagreeable or to use your words to be hurtful or mean. Be respectful of differences and remember that it's OK to agree to disagree and remain focused on the issue and not the person. Be constructive, but not hurtful.
  • When replying to a post remember to use a "comment sandwich"- begin with a positive, add constructive feedback and end with a positive.


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